Impeachment and Your Portfolio - October 11, 2019

Lewis Wealth Management: An Introduction: This is an introduction to Austin Lewis and Lewis Wealth Management. 2:23 min.

What Makes Us Different?: Austin describes the firm's unique perspective, expertise, and experience and how this distinguishes the firm. 1:16 min.

Wealth Management Formula: Austin describes how the firm defines the term "Wealth Management" and how this concept is applied to serving the firm's clients. 1:48 min.

Consultative Process: Austin describes the consultative process the firm uses with its clients and why it's important to have a process. 2:57 min.

Investing v. Speculating: Austin discusses the difference between investing and speculating and why this is important to investors. 2:18 min.

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Overview of the Firm

Our Consultative Process

Wealth Management Formula

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