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Certified Financial Planner

When evaluating financial professionals, we strongly believe that your advisor should serve as your fiduciary, just like attorneys and accountants. We feel just as strongly that your advisor should be a Certified Financial Planner.

The Certified Financial Planner designation is now the industry standard for serious advisors. CFP® certificants must complete a specialized education program, pass a rigorous examination, agree to be bound by a code of ethics, and keep their skills current through continuing education. This is very similar to the examination and licensing requirements for attorneys and accountants. Would you hire an unlicensed attorney or accountant?

There are many people holding themselves out as financial advisors these days. Many of them are not fiduciaries. Financial professionals who are compensated by sales commissions can have a conflict of interest when it comes to recommending what is truly in your best interest. Often, you are a customer, not a client, in these arrangements. Your advisor’s compensation should be straightforward and transparent to you, the client.