Investment Consulting

Investment consulting is the core offering of the firm and the foundation upon which we build the relationship with our clients

The process of investing begins with a sound investment philosophy built on conservative principles that are time-tested. That philosophy lays the foundation for the design of a portfolio, which must also complement and support the client’s customized financial plan. Finally, the entire investment plan must be correctly executed with patience, discipline, and sound judgment.

All the elements of investment consulting – investment philosophy, portfolio design, and execution – are equally important and interrelated. The entire process can break down if there is a weakness in any element. For example, having a sound investment philosophy and portfolio design will not help the investor who cannot bring themselves to properly execute their plan.

It’s confusing out there

There is a deluge of daily “noise” out there when it comes to the subject of investing. There are many contrasting opinions and prognostications about geopolitics, the economy, and the markets. There are also thousands of different products offered to the retail investor through many marketing channels. Quite frankly, it’s a mess. A good advisor can help you navigat