Advanced Planning

A high-quality financial advisor who truly cares about you and your family can:

At Lewis Wealth Management, we partner with you in all aspects of your financial life. By design, it is a holistic approach that combines the disciplines of investment consulting, advanced planning, and relationship management into a personalized solution for you.

Having a well prepared financial plan is absolutely essential if you are to reach your financial goals and objectives. At Lewis Wealth Management, the planning process begins with an exploration of your life and how your wealth can help you achieve your goals and most cherished aspirations. These goals and aspirations may include retirement, sending the kids to college, starting a business, or planning your legacy – or whatever else is important to you.

Next, all of the information necessary to prepare a plan is gathered. That information is evaluated and analyzed to see how your existing resources fit in to an overall plan.

Then, a plan is developed and presented for your consideration. That plan helps clients address some of their biggest concerns, such as:

  1. Preserving wealth,
  2. Mitigating taxes,
  3. Taking care of heirs,
  4. Ensuring assets are not unjustly taken, and
  5. Giving to charitable causes.

The final step is to implement and monitor your plan so you can see how you are progressing towards your goals. This is a dynamic process that will continually reflect changes in your financial situation.

A good financial plan is a living document.

As time goes by your goals and aspirations may change and your plan should adjust and adapt accordingly.

A good financial plan will also dovetail into the structure of your investment portfolio. Your plan and portfolio should complement one another. All too often the investment portfolio is developed in isolation, without any regard to your plan. Avoid this mistake.